460 GTX vs 550 ti?

Hey all,

I've got an EVGA GTX 460 (Fermi) 1g Supercloced card in my machine right now. I have a chance to replace with an EVGA GTX 550 ti (Fermi) 1g.

I'm seeing conflicting reports, but from what I can gather it looks like the 460 might actually be the better card. Am I getting the wrong idea about this? Would it be worth it to replace the 460 with the 550ti?
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    The 460 is by far the better card. The 550ti has 192 CUDA cores where as the 460 has 336 just for reference.
  2. Depending on which GTX460 you are talking about - 192 bit or 256, 256 bit is a better card - and more expensive.
  3. Yeah, the 460 I have is a 256-bit, and the 550 TI looks to be 192-bit. Also correct about the cuda cores. I'm not entirely sure what that is, but I'm assuming more is better.

    I guess I will hang on to the 460 and put the 550 into a different machine. Thanks a lot for your input, guys - much appreciated.
  4. The GtX460s OC quite well too. If you plan on SLI that GTX460 - think about it soon - they are getting harder to find.(256 bit models)
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