Gtx 660 v hd 7770


Which graphics card should i choose?


i-5 3570k
MSI Z77A-G43
1TB SATA III Hard Drive

And all of this amounts to around £630. Is this a good price for all of it. Will i experience bottlenecking since I'll be gaming?

Thanks in adavnce
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    The 660 is better.
    You wont have any bottlenecking at all,the 660 is not powerful enough.
  2. Not even close for a bottleneck.

    If they are the same price, get the GTX660...
  3. 660 is meant to compete with the Radeon 7870 and 7850. It's in another league from the 7770. The 7770 is kind of in between the GTX650 and 650 Ti.
  4. The 7770 is very inferior to the GTX 660 and it's much lower price demonstrates this.

    If however you mean the 7870, it beats the GTX 660 in gaming performance.
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