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I have gtx 660 oc 2gb with phenom II x4 840 on asrock 970 mobo. Lately the monitor is working only on vga cable (samsung syncmaster bw205), dvi does not work on this lcd anymore. Should i buy a new cpu and which one, will it give more performance in games? Or should i buy a new monitor and later change the cpu.

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  1. New monitor first you got a real good card and it a shame to run on VGA plus you will notice a huge difference running games at higher resolution than VGA can give you :) With the cpu it all depends on what game you running. You have 3.2GHz quad core which imo is not bad at all.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I play a lot of games like arma 2, planetside 2, company of heroes, world of tanks, looking forward to join warface, playing world of warplanes. Want to buy arma 3 when its out.
  3. ur cpu isnt that good ur graphics card is awesome and at some points maybe ur cpu will be bottlenecking the gpu if u want to upgrade just get a phenom x6 1100t if u can find one its cheap and its still one of the best amd cpu or phenom x4 960(i dont remember the the name of the cpu its good too )
    both of the cpus still perform with fx series
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