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I just bought a gtx 670 ( and when I play games such as the Witcher 2 and BF3, the temperatures are around 86 °C, even with the fan turned up on max. In addition to this, the fans are get very noisy above 50%. Is this normal?
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  1. How's your ventilation on your rig? I have a Haf 932 tower and a 670 SC. I put my fan speed to 65% and temps range from 70c to 73c according to HW monitor and Precision X without ac on in the room. With ac it's 65c to 68c. The fan is noticeable at that setting, so I can imagine it's very loud at full speed. These cards run hot, so maybe you need better ventilation.
  2. I have a Lian LI PC-V700 and it's running quite and around 60C in BF3 on ultra @ ~60FPS. It's probably a too small case or some sort of ventilation issue.

    I guess you could check if the thermal paste for the card is ok, but it's very unlikely that that's it with a new card.

    What are the temps of other parts in the case, like CPU and HDD?
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    ventilation is key bro. also, the reference designs made by msi arent that great. i would of went with asus or evga
  4. I agree that ventilation is key. however, you have an MSI reference design... @ big troll, I honestly don't know how you can compare reference designs between companies, the cooler designs are literally the same, and I don't think there's any known major issues with the PCB MSI chooses to use...

    anyway, the reference design ejects all the video card's hot air out the back of your PC, so the only way your card would get particularly hot is if

    1. the air in your case is really warm (get better ventilation), usually just a decent front intake and back exhaust should be fine
    2. your card has a bad fan (it was DOA), you should RMA it
    3. there's something blocking the hot air from being ejected properly, aka. the back of your PC is leaning smack against a wall... (move it forward!)

    as for noise, for that fan design, it's normal for it to get a bit loud at 50% or more... not sure what your definition of loud is, but I don't think it's too alarming
  5. I have a Corsair 500R, which keeps the CPU under 50°C under load. I'm going work on the wire management and see if that helps
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