Amd fx 8320 vishera vs intel i5 3450 ivy bridge

I live in Portugal, and amat present upgrading my pc. I have however a serious doubt, and the more i read the more confused i become.
I play primarily wow, myst of pandaria. I have a Gigabyte power supply Odeon 850w, a ATI Radeon 4870 512 mb ddr5, MAXTOR DiamondMax 22 - 750 GB - 7200 RPM - 32 MB - SATA. I now am undecidedbetween :
Intel i5 ivy bridge 3450, a mobo msi b-75-ma p45, 16 gb patriot viper @ 1600 or
Amd fx 8 - 8320 Vishera (pile driver), a mobo asrock 990 fx extreme 3, 16 gb patriot viper @ 1600.
The difference in the price is minimal, but i will soon be looking at Games like Skyrim, and my son wants to try things like farcry 3, and gta 5.
Please help
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  1. i would go for i5
  2. Any sort of gaming and not extreme multithreading, go for the I5 3570. It may be more than the 3450 but its worth it. If not the 3570 then the 3450 is still a better option.
  3. skitz9417 said:
    i would go for i5

    Thanks forreply.i see u have an i3 2120,coupled with asrock h77.This is definitely a much more accessible option.How would this work using an i3 3225 ivy bridge?
  4. Without a doubt if you are going to be gaming go with Intel. The I3 can pretty much play any of todays games but the I5 is better. Also if you get a K version of the I5 you can overclock it the I3 can't really can't be overclocked.
  5. I would spend a bit more on the 3570k because it is faster and overclockable. But if you HAVE TO choose between the two you mentioned I would go for the 8320 because it overclocks very well and is more future proof with 8 cores.
  6. just because its overclockable doesnt mean its better. even the i5 is overclockable.
    if its for gaming which it is all means go for the i5 or i3.
    much better gaming performance and much lower power consumption.
    the i3-3225 matches the 8350 in gaming performance at stock clocks while being much cheaper.
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