Nvidia Blurry Screen PLEASE HELP!

Hi All, i have never really been a hardcore PC gamer so never had the need for a spec'd up graphics card. I recently bought Diablo3 and got an error that my current ATI Radeon hd 2400 was no good.

A friend gave me his old Nvidia geforce 9400 which i installed with current drivers (v296 i think it was) but after the install the screen went slightly blurry and lost all the sharp edges, most noticeable with text.

I reinstalled my old card and graphics were fine, i then updated the drivers for the ATI card and the screen went blurry again... it's almost like my monitor can't handle any new drivers or something???

I am running Windows Vista with approx 3 year old LCD monitor (not HDMI).

The only thing i can think of is i didnt uninstall the old drivers when i installed the new ones, could that be an issue? I really need to use the Nvidia card but can't hile the screen looks blurry

I can't seem to get an answer as to why or how to fix the problem, any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
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  1. ive been having the same problem with blurry screen. the only way i could fix it was to re-install windows and install the drivers. but if i did any changes to appearance it would go back to blurry. i tried everything from old drivers to custom resolution with nvidia control panel. the thing that worked for me was to go to nvidia control panel - change resolution (like i tried before) - create custom resolution (changing it to what my monitors native resolution is) - then under timing choose cvt instead of automatic. this cleared it all up. hope this helps
  2. Use Driver Sweeper and uninstall the graphics driver and update to the latest one as it has support for Diable III, also make sure you have the latest patch for the game. I also think you may want to upgrade that GPU as it was pretty weak even in it's day and could be why your GPU is overheating and such.

    latest Diablo III patch


    Latest Nvidia driver for your GPU, find your GPU under the 9 series here. Make sure you choose the correct OS and 32/64 bit as well for the correct drivers.



    I just noticed that the original question is from May
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