Static Noise with microphone PLEASE HELP

I am trying to talk via skype with people on my headset, but the problem is whenever something is running, any kind of program, it produces HUGE static noise in my headset. This only happens when i plug my headset into the front green slot of my computer. Its not a cheap or old headset either. Any ideas what may cause this? Thanks.
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  1. usually a bad ground at/near the front panel.

    see if this helps. Sorry I cant link the page I'm thiking of. I'm at work and the sites are blocked but I think its the incrysis one.
  2. So i should just open it up and move some cables around? try to get them away from the front?
  3. Usually theres a ground for the front panel and sometimes its put too close to noisey things like the usb or esata ports or sometimes it a poor solder or loose screw causing a poor ground connection.

    You need to open the case and find your headphone jack's ground and see where it goes. It could be as simple as moving some wires or tightening a screw or you might have to do something as complex as rewire the jack.

    Ground on the jack would be the one closest to where you plug in the headphones.
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