Radeon 6870 1GB vs Radeon 6950 2GB vs GTX 560 TI 1GB

I just bought my new build (previously I had an AMD x2 5500+ 4gb 9500GT 1gb) and have gotten about everything I need for now except my video card.

I am stuck between three cards. Radeon 6870 1GB, Radeon 6950 2GB, and the GTX 560 ti (possibly GTX 480?!)

The 6870 is 169.99 (159.99 after rebate), 6950 is 229.99 (209.99 after rebate), and GTX 560 ti is 229.99 (GTX 480 is same)

6870 -

6950 -

GTX 560 ti -

I have saved up enough to buy the 6850 but wondering if I wait a month or so if the extra money is worth the 6950 or GTX 560 ti.

I play all sorts of games such as GTA IV, BF3, Batman Arkham City, NFS, Skyrim, NBA 2k12 etc..

I play at resolution (for now) at 1440x900 (I think, I know first number is 1440!) I plan to buy a new monitor soon to play in higher resolution. (Not sure how to get the max resolution unless you get a newer monitor kinda a noob!)

My PC Specs are as follows:

CPU - i5-3570k (OC to 4.3)
MOBO - Gigabyte Z77 DH3 (ONLY Crossfire capable, no SLI)
Ram - 8gb Corsair
PSU - Kingwin Lazer 850w 80+ Bronze
Cooler - Hyper 212+
Case - NZXT M59 (Should barely fit the 6950)
Video card (Current) - Intel HD 4000 (Seems to run games faster than my 9500 GT)

Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!
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    Well it would be a toss up between the 6950 or the 560 ti. The 2GB would be good for BF3 and if you run resolution higher then 1920 x 1200 or more than one monitor. And it would be good for the fucture.

    I will link you to some stuff and you will know what to do after you look at it. By showing you these you can do all the test you want. I like nVidia myself but it is up to you.

    The very last links are to all the 560 Ti's including the 448 core ones and they are very close to being a 570. One of them only cost $254.00 for a card that is in some cases as fast as a GTX 570.

    560 ti vs 6950

    6950 vs 480

    6950 vs 6870

    560 ti vs 560 ti 448 core

    GTX 560 Ti's and the GTX 560 Ti's 448 cores

    All the 6950's
  2. go right for the 2gig 6950. had the 560. not worth it imo.
  3. I do not plan on ever going over 1920x1200 and never will use more than one monitor. Does that make any difference on which to get? I know I said what I play for now, but this makes it more clear what I am wanting to try. Thanks guys!
  4. if you're going to game at 1600 res or above get a 2gig card.
  5. So the 6870 is out of the question? I would love to get the 6950 or something but on a tight budget after the purchase of the other parts and I wonder if I will regret not spending an extra 60+ by gettng a 6870?
  6. there is a difference in the architecture of the cards........ but why would you even suggest something if you couldn't afford it ?
  7. I'd say go for the hd 6950 2gb if u plan to play at higher resolution
  8. I think if your motherboard doesn't support sli then you shouldn't get 560 1gb since it's better 2x people said above get 69502gb
  9. Never suggested I couldn't afford it, I clearly stated I am on a tight budget and wondered if $60 was worth the performance between 6870 and 6950. I have the money now to get the 6870 but I could wait a few more weeks or so and have the money for the 6950.

    It seems everyone likes the 6950 2gb, so I think I will save for it, does anyone have any brand 6950s for recommedation or is the one I posted good?
  10. I'd go with asus direct cu II, its better.

    here u can see the benchmarks between hd 6870 and hd 6950 . i think the extra 60 $ is worth it
  11. I don't know what's the price of hd 7850 2gb in ur country but in mine its cheaper than hd 6950.
    And hd 7850 2gb beats hd 6950 2gb. Moreover its a newer card :)
  12. UAhmed said:
    I don't know what's the price of hd 7850 2gb in ur country but in mine its cheaper than hd 6950.
    And hd 7850 2gb beats hd 6950 2gb. Moreover its a newer card :)

    Where do u live?
  13. I live in Pakistan, Karachi :D :pt1cable:
  14. Well the 7850 is around the 6950 price... So would the 7850 be the better option then?
  15. bowersrd said:
    Well the 7850 is around the 6950 price... So would the 7850 be the better option then?

    yes of course hd 7850 is newer technology runs a little faster and cooler and less power consumption than hd 6950 i too am buying the gigabyte HD 7850 2gb OC try to get the OC version if u can :D

    here, take a look at the benchmarks
  16. I agree with UAhmed. The OC performance on the 7850 seems to fit your needs plus the 2GB is helpful.
  17. I can only recommend you not cheap out and get a 1GB 6950 like I did. I was disappointed. That being said, I bought my gtx 570 which is only 1.25GB and haven't been happier. Though I did get it right after the gtx 600s were announced, and a local retailer was practically giving their gtx 500s away.
  18. Well, I think I have decided to save and get either the 6950 and maybe later down the road do CF or get the GTX 570, but could never sli or anything.
  19. I have have to agree with the everybody else since your MOBO will not SLI then it would be better to buy a AMD/ATI card as apposed to a nVidia card. The 6950 is a lot better card than the 6870.

    I gave you that bench mark at the begining of this thread. But the 7850 or the 7870 would be your better choice of all the cards shown on here. But in the end the 6950 is a good card and you can get another down the road and CF them. Good luck.

    7850 this would be the one I would get.

    All the 7850's

    7870 This is the one I would get. But these card a $100.00 more the the 7850's

    All the 7870's

    7850 vs 7870
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