EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW

Anyone have this card?
Can i get some feedbacks, etc?

Is it a good card to buy?
If you could buy any 670's out there (including the not yet released directCU II TOP)
would you still choose this one?
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  1. don't have the card, but I would go for a pair of 4GB 670 with a Backplate.

    Reasoning: 4GB because I like triple monitor eyefinity for certain games, and at 2GB, performance would be limited by memory speeds. (it's how the 7970 matches or beats the 680 at higher resolutions)

    backplate because I've seen issues with video card sagging and bending on forums every once in a while. not very often, but it does happen and can cause a lot of problems, the backplate should help alleviate the stress on the video card's PCB a bit, there'll be still stress on the PCIe-connector, but that's another story...
  2. i forgot to mention.
    evga has backplates for 680's...
    is that compatible with the 670 ftw?
    i'd like to get it if it is..
    the ftw does use 680 pcb doesnt it?

    as for the backplate helping the stress, ive seen a asus directcuII one that had backplate but the weight of the card was still slanting the card a bit in one of someone's build..
    also its going to be played on a 27" one monitor 1920x1080 i think was the resolution.
    so the 2gb of a 670 is fine with me.
    im not looking to sli.

    so with the above added onto it,
    would you get the evga 670 ftw version?
  3. ive seen benchmarks with resolutions all the way up to 5760x1080 and the 4gb versions didnt help vs the 2gb. 670 FTW is amazing. Go for it, you will love it. I think newegg got them in stock now, but they sell out fast.
  4. AFAIK, the FTW version is supposed to have a 8 phase VRM design like the Asus DCII TOP. If so, I'd give it a shot, the SC version IIRC only has 6 phases.
  5. okay ill go for the ftw version then.
    as for asus DCII TOP, im pretty sure ill not be getting it if i tried for a month or two since it'll pretty much sell out right away .. xD
  6. just my luck. a day afer i buy my ftw, the DCII TOP comes into stock. coulda gotten that for cheaper since 22 hours after my purchase of the ftw, it drops by 20 dollars..
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