8-pin PSU physically wont plug into 4-pin mobo. (due to physical obstruction) Sa

Hello, my name is chris im pretty experienced with computers. i rebuilt one of my friends dell XPS machines after his mobo died. i have it booting and everything on test bench. problem is his psu only has an 8-pin (labeled p3) and new mobo is a 4-pin. the 8-pin fits with 4-pins hanging, but the mobo has an IRq module just in the way. My question is whether it is safe to physically remove the extra pins, or if i could graft the 4 working pins onto another psu 4-pin i own. (dont wanna buy a new psu or use my scrap old one in his rig)

P.S. The 8-pin doesnt seperate into 2 4-pins like a usual PSU :[
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    I believe P3 refers to a PCIe connector on some XPS machines so make sure that the yellow (12v) wires are on the clip side of the connector, that will be the ATX connector. If black is on the clip side, you're looking at a PCIe connector.
    It is okay to have your ATX connector hang over nothingness either direction - you can also re-pin the 4 pin connector you have (if you have two, it's easy to split when you re-pin)
  2. yeah i ended up just re-pinning it. i almost stripped the wires and grafted it on wow that saved me alot of time thanks :D
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