Aero not working linked to msn skype skydrive APPCRASH

So here's the thing,

Built my P.C for almost a year now.
i5 2400
Nvidia Asus: 550ti
4G ram
asus mother board (forgot which one)

Working great until I powered it on after dinner last night.
The Aero does not work (i.e no glass window appearance). I can live with that but then the weird thing:
Skype, MSN, skydrive all got the APPCRASH error.
I scanned for virus got nothing, scanned it again still nothing (full scans by the way).
Then I decided to resinstall the graphic card driver ( the error given to be my windows is that the graphic card driver was not supported/ too old)

This morning I decided to check out the Nvidia card. Took the card out used the integrated intel graphics. Comp worked fine got skype aero msn everything.
Restarted just to be sure and BAMB, everything back to square one. Skype msn and skydrive got the APPCRASH again and AERO is not functioning.

So I installed my 550ti back... first boot, got everything working...
second one, back to square one.
booted again after that, everything is still crashing.

I can use the comp, just no IMs not (using that desktop now)

Any ideas?

helps are appreciated
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  1. Having the exact same problem here.

    I have a notebook, a HP DV6770SE.

    Amd turion x2 2.1ghz, 4gb ram, nvidia geforce 8400gs.
    If i have some solution i'll post it here.

    ps: just a correction, aero still works fine here. just msn, skype and skydrive crashes.
    i'm updating the nvidia drivers to see if it helps.

    ps2: the nvidia installer crashes too. i think i'll reinstall my windows...
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