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I'm wondering if i should use an extra $$ to get a 680 or 7970? I'm mainly using it for some basic 3d-ray traced rendering in After Effects, and Premiere. Probably gonna use Photoshop sometimes too but that isnt GPU-heavy.

So should i pay an extra about $50 right now to get a 680 gpu, or 7970 or just stick with 670? My monitor is 1920x1080 but i have a second (non-eyefinity) that is 1280x768 i believe. I should probbably link a third monitor which i dont have adapters for :D ( i have a third monitor but dont use it)

Render speed i know 7970 is better and anti aliasing???? I need opinions please who have either one, but dont fanboy D:

Edit: Yes i overclock to the MAXXXXX <-- :)
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  1. the 670 is the better card when comparing power to price ratio. the 7970's potential is only reached when you decide to overclock it, which is something you kinda have to say if you are or you aren't going to do.
  2. soo 7970 if overclock?
  3. 7970 is best overall imo
  4. For OpenCL and DirectCompute, the 7970 generally walks all over the 600 series of the Geforces which are pure gaming cards for the most part. If your non-gaming programs use OpenCL or DirectCompute, it's highly unlikely the 670/680 can compete, unless they also use CUDA.
  5. AI doesn't benefit at all from those GPUs and it's mainly depending on CPU power, Only Premiere And PS benefit from CUDA, Also AMD and Adobe recently participated together for using OpenCL compute, but for CS6 versions only
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    I can't comment anything about those 2 cards' performances in Adobe, but for gaming GTX 680 is definitely much better than 7970.

    I just sold my reference GIGABYTE 7970 and got PNY 680 GTX... IT IS AN AMAZING VGA!!! Too bad only 2GB of VRAM thou...

    I ran Witcher 2, Skyrim, Batman: AC and Max Payne 3, and I can see a HUGE improvement in FPS, driver stability and picture quality over 7970. Should have done the upgrade earlier:)
  7. 7970 OC> 680 for Adobe
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  9. *premiere photoshop and after effects* not just premiere and ps. Also... Lol how is a 7970 better for adobe when it doesnt even support ati/amd cards?
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