Wireless Repeater vs. Powerline

I have searched but haven't found any solid answers.
My problem: My network isn't fast enough to stream HD video.

My query: Will replacing my wireless N network with a 500gbps Powerline network achieve the speed I need to stream from one media server to multiple devices?

My setup: I have a Linksys E4200 router as my gateway. The computer serving as my NAS is wired to this as is my office desktop. I have a Linksys E3000 that has dd-wrt flashed allowing it to act as a wireless repeater bridge. From the E3000 I have my TV, receiver, HTPC, and PS3 hardwired. I also have a WRTGS acting as a wireless repeater bridge upstairs with a TV and Blu-ray player wired into it.

I can get Netflix to stream on any of these connections but when I try to stream a movie from one computer to the HTPC it hangs. When I look at the properties of the Local Area Connection it states that it is 1.0 Gigabyte (obviously it is referring to the connection between hardwired components and not the WiFi bridge). Is there a simple way to determine the bottleneck? I am thinking about replacing the routers with Powerline adapters but don't want to invest that much if there is another problem or if they won't perform any faster.

P.S. Please don't bother suggesting I run Cat 5e or 6 cable. I looked into this first and it would be a huge mess.
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  1. Does anyone know how to check what the speed of the connection between the router (gateway) and repeater really is? I thought it would be as good as each device connecting to the gateway via separate WiFi?
  2. You can test the network speed by 360tool.
  3. I looked for 360tool on Google. Closest thing I could find was sl360. Is this what you are talking about? Looks like I have to pay for it on CNET. Any sites for free download?
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