GTX 560 Ti for sale, need help with shipping techniques!

I'm selling my GTX 560 Ti today (link: if you're interested) And I really need some instructions on how to ship the card safely. I understand that an anti-static bag from Frys is a good way to go, but then what? Should I just use bubble wrap? I really want to make sure the card arrives in one piece. Thanks!
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    I've sold a lot of pc parts on Ebay, and am a retired supervisor from UPS so I feel qualified to answer. Anti-static bag and bubble wrap like you said, then I always put that into as small of a box as it will fit in. Take that box and put it in a somewhat bigger box and pack snuggly all around with more bubble wrap or old news papers. Then ship it by US post office priority mail. UPs is pretty hard on stuff and it is almost impossible to get a claim paid. They use the fine print in their shipping guidelines to deny the claim (there is almost always something you didnt do right).
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