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DVI to VGA to DVI conversion

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November 26, 2012 7:43:58 PM

Hello, I am trying to use one monitor to control two desk tops. I am using a KVM switch to switch between the two compuers using one monitor. Because on computer is located across the room, I used a 5 meter VGA cable with two DVI to VGA connectors at each end. THe KVM switch works great but when I try to switch to the remote computer I get nothing on the screen. I switch back to the closest computer and it works fine. I have verified that the VGA cable is good by testing it on another computer and monitor. Is there a issue putting the DVI signal on a VGA cable and then Taking it off at the other end?

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a c 134 C Monitor
November 26, 2012 10:44:03 PM

dvi is capable of digital or analog signals and cables have been made that support either format or both, so theres 3 types of gpu's and cables: analog, digital, or both.

Since vga is pure analog you need analog capable cables as well as a gpu capable of analog out on its dvi port. The connecters do not convert the signal, they just change the connector being used.

Fortunately you can use the dvi wiki to visually check the gpu. If you don't have the analog pins then you have a digital only gpu and you'll need to replace the vga cable with a digital dvi.

The other issue you might be running into is cable length. 5m can be quite the distance for those tiny electrons and they might just not be able to make it to the monitor without their signal getting scrambled on the way.

I would move the monitor to the far computer and hook it up with a short cable to make sure its working before spending too much in making this work.