500R vs Phantom 410 vs CM 690 II

I'm having a tough time making a decision on my case. I've narrowed it down to 3 models: Corsair 500r, Cooler Master 690 II, and the NZXT Phantom 410. Honestly, the Phantom 410 is my favorite case of the bunch. I love the look of the case, but the case (in red) costs much more than the other two. The cooler master and corsair cases both have rebates. Will I actually receive those or is it a lost cause? They are actually pretty large amounts of cash, so I want to know whether I will actually get that money back. Here are the cases and prices.

500R: $70 (w/ $30 MIR)

690 II: $50 (w/ $25 MIR)

Phantom 410: $110

EDIT: I'm going to include a link to the rest of the parts in the build in case that makes a difference.
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  1. I've gotten all corsair rebates I applied for. Love the 500R.
  2. J_E_D_70 said:
    I've gotten all corsair rebates I applied for. Love the 500R.

    Thanks for replying. Do you think the 500R is worth $20 more than the 690 II?
  3. Can't say since haven't used the 690 II. I'd go with whichever you like the looks of more if that's a big thing. Have fun either way!
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    Well its more bettwen 500R and Cm 690 II.

    Personally i would go with the 690 II . I like it more.

    If it was 600T i woulg go for that within secs :D

    Both have great cabl manag /proper airflow (Cm 690 II can have more fans)
    The rest is up to you. The one u like the most from the outside.

    Actually the 690 II is even cooler than 500R :)

    Good luck
  5. Thanks!
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