Best table to build pc on?

Just got all my components to build my computer today and was getting ready to build on a rubbermaid fold out table that my moms uses for outdoor bbq and what not, but then I realized it was giving off a substantial amount of static electricity, enough so that the hair on my forearm would rise every time I rested my arms on the table. So I scrapped that table and am now trying to figure out if what kind of table I should use or is there something I can place over the rubbermaid table to eliminate the static electricity it was giving off.
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  1. i usually build mine on the kitchen worktop

    not near the sink though :)
  2. cardboard on the dining room table for me if my workbench in the garage is being used already.
  3. I use either the big wooden table in my basement or the dinning room table. (note is a fairly old dinning room table) not a furniture center piece by any means.

    One tip: I always place a nice, THICK, plush, bath on the table first then set the PC case on top of it.

    This prevents 2 things:
    1.) if you inadvertently jar the case the paint finish will not be scratched
    2.) if a rouge screw rolls out behind your case it will not get scratched or bent when you lay the case down on its side.

    I would definitely not use a plastic table. Get something solid and sturdy.

    You may want to look at Computer Shopper's 75 tips for building a PC. I have found them very helpful over the years:
  4. i just use my wooden computer desk.. a reasonable amount of space is good for when your building your computer...
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