ASUS HD 6570 on a 220w PSU

Hi folks,
I have a Delta Electronics Power Supply DPS-220UB-1 A 220W (14amps on the 12v rail). I recently purchased a 1gb HD 6570 which has a TDP of 50watts, with a Phenom x3 8550 which has a TDP of 95watts. If my calculations are correct both of these maxed out (unlikely but just researching for peace of mind and the severity of the situation) would use alittle over 12 of my precious amps.

Is this likely to cause my a problem running something like diablo 3 on medium settings with a 1366x768 resolution?

I have tried using the PSU calculators but I just get lost with all the drop down menus and tick boxes - plus I'd like the opinion of an actual person who knows what they're talking about.

The following are the additional specs:

Acer Aspire X1300
Powerful AMD Phenom X3 Triple Core 8550 (3 x 2.2GHz)
3GB (3072MB) DDR2 system RAM
320GB SATA hard disk drive
DVD writer (Not used under load - rarely used at all to be honest)
9 USB2 ports - Only 2 used by gaming keyboard and mouse during full load
Cardreader (Never used)
Nvidia Geforce 9200 built in graphics (This hasnt been "disconnection" in the Bios but dxdiag no longer recognizes it at all - doubt it's still drawing any power?)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as the PSU would be beyond a pain to upgrade being a weird shaped TFX psu and Seasonics 300w unit being very very rare in the UK - if the dimensions would even fit the case.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I think you're asking for trouble trying to run that system on only a 220W PSU.
  2. ct1615 said:
    it will work but it's a roll of the dice for how long. the delta PSU is decent for mass vendor PC.

    The Delta PSU is probably the strongest part of the entire system lol. Guess it's time to upgrade it but it's gonna be a ballache with so few options available in the UK.
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