Need advice on CPU cooler :)

Hello guys,

Not sure if i have to post it all but just in case i will...

So, im running on:

AMD Phenom II x6 1090T (AM3 938)
MSI 870A - G54
750W PSU
N570GTX Twin Frozr III PE/OC

...well something like that.

I still have default AMD cooler that been working kinda ok for now but got rly loud lately... :(

I was thinking about to get Noctua CPU-Cooler NH-U9B SE2 just curious is it ok cooler? Never had Noctua but heard its kinda good and quiet, thats true or i can get something better for, well dunno, max about 100EU or something... I've been looking at other coolers too but most of them are huge and i rly doubt ill be able to put it in lol :P From Latvia here, if theres some regional probs on some coolers....

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  1. Well we can help you find if your case can accommodate those large heatsinks if you post your case model. Would kind of suck to know you bought a small heatsink when you could have fit a much bigger heatsink with better cooling capabilities. Anyways you plan on overclocking?
  2. Case is Chieftec gaming black miditower :P Ye i know.... sux, but never rly needed any of those shinys with steal all over and 1000+1 led on it :P Like a X-mas tree :P

    No no, im not going for oc, bit scared of it :P Not that advanced, even that AMD is kinda easy to oc...
  3. Is there a particular model number associated with the case? Chieftec makes several "gaming black miditower" cases :lol:

    Just a guess, is it one of these two?
  4. If Laius means width, then I believe you should be able to fit in almost every tall heatsink. The website states you have a width 20.5 cm (around 8 inches) which is more than enough for full sized heatsinks. In addition, I assume you do not have cable management? Cable management is the part behind the motherboard where cables can be routed for a cleaner looking cases. If you do have it, then that takes away a few cm's away.

    Edit: Found your case @ newegg, 8.10 inches is their recorded width. With that being said I believe the most economical choice would be the purchase of the Hyper 212 EVO which would be fantastic for stock temperatures, heck it will even overclock well with that CPU.
  5. So this Hyper 212 EVO is something like Noctua that i posted if not even better, just like 3 times cheaper? Its rly that good?
  6. and...

    CPU support - Intel Core™ i7 Extreme / Core™ i7 / Core™ i5 / Core™ i3 / Core™2 Extreme / Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo / Pentium / Celeron AMD Phenom™ II X4 / Phenom™ II X3 / Phenom™ II X2 / Phenom™ X4 / Phenom™ X3 / Athlon™ II X4 / Athlon™ II X3 / Athlon™ II X2 / Athlon™ X2 / Athlon™ / Sempron™

    np if Phenom II x6 isnt listed on that Hyper 212 EVO ?
  7. Nah, don't worry about that! It's all in the socket base (more specifically the retention bracket)where it attaches not the CPU itself. Aside from that the 212 evo is a wonderful overclocker, attach a second fan and decrease temperatures even more. Back to the main question, it will fit on the Phenom II X6, the Hyper 212 fits the AM3/AM3+ platform which is where the Phenom II X6 belongs.
  8. OK, tnx alot for all this info and saving me some money :D Just ordered.... hope i get it tomorrow, as only 1 day of the work :(

    If i wont be too lazy will post something back how it works here :)

    Tnx again!
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