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I've recently started having an issue with my computer. When I have a darker colored image on my screen I can see tiny green dots and dashes flickering around, and sometimes my monitor turns off and back on. After doing some research I concluded this was probably my video card, and ordered a new one. (both 6950 2gb) The problem continued with another card. I've replaced all of the cables, ran memtest86+, ran stress tests on my CPU, and video card. None of the stress tests seemed to make the issue worse, and my CPU (I5 2500k) never went above 59°C. My GPU only hit 60°C. When I tried to take a screenshot I found that the artifacts did not show up in the image, though I could see the "real time" dots on the screen.

My question is: Could all of this simply be my LCD monitor? I would try another one, but I simply don't have access to one at this time.
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  1. your replace the video and still have them look like you gone need another monitor if your are able to connect to a tv and see the result
  2. BigMack70 said:
    Yup that sounds like a dying monitor to me. My initial guess/troubleshooting approach would have been similar to yours, and it sounds like your GPU and CPU and mobo/ram are good.

    One other thing you could do if you want to double-check is run the GPU stress test in OCCT (google it) and make sure to click the "error checking" box. Keep an eye on your GPU temps and see if you can do something to get the green artifacts to occur. If they occur and OCCT is not reporting any errors, then that pretty much confirms that you're not having a hardware problem, you're having a monitor problem.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks, I ran occt and received no errors. I'm going to pick up another monitor today, and since I still have both 6950's guess I'm also going CrossFire.
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