Best GPU for playing Battlefield 3 On Ultra Settings???

Hi. I'm new here so I just want to ask a question.

What is the best gpu for playing Battlefield 3 on Ultra settings? and if possible can you suggest a Factory O/C gpu? tnx.
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  1. The best GPU for BF3 on Ultra settings is the GTX 690.
  2. I hate being rude, but did people forget how to scroll and click on different pages? In the 3 days I've been browsing this forum lately this question has been asked so many times it makes my brain hurt.
  3. at what frame rate, and how far is your ability to overclock

    @above yeah, you dont wanna know how many times ive heard.

    "Best Gpu for Diablo 3" especially when toms has a review on gpus specifically FOR D3
    "Best Laptop for x price"
    "Best gpu for x game"

    in the past week
  4. I'm hoping for a gpu that can sustain 50+fps or maybe 40+fps....I haven't really overclocked a gpu yet, so i was asking for a factory o/c one. On a 1080p resolution.
  5. Guess everyone thinks their question or problem is unique. Or they are just lazy. 1 of the 2.
  6. I have the Evga Gtx 570 SC (2.5 vram one) and I get about 60ish fps on a 1920x1080 resolution.
  7. The gtx 690 is hte best but of course it is also an overkill. I have a gtx 680 reference model and my bf3 runs on ultra ALWAYS above 60 fps (in multiplayer) . Regards
  8. GTX 670 with some overclocking! :)
  9. I say either GTX 690 4gb or if you're feeling a little red, the Radeon HD 7970. Both cards will play your battlefield, and make you cake at the exact same time.
  10. Do you have any sort of budget? HD7870 on the "lower" end of $350.

    GTX 690,680,670, HD7970 if you're shooting $400 and up.
  11. my budget is $400 and lower, any card that runs the game with 40+fps would be great..
  12. at stock speed, all the 350+ ones should probably get past 40 fps(anandtech marks the 7870 just under the 40 fps mark[39 fps] on ultra settings at stock clock.) a simple small level overclock should easily fix it if your aiming for 40 fps
  13. depends on your budget!if you are willing to spend under under $300 then
    MSI Twinfrozer III hd 7850 is a good has lot of overclocking potential's some performance info-

    if you want to spend between 300-350 then
    MSi Twinfrozer iii hd 7870
    here are the framrates-

    if you are willing to spend $400~ then MSi gtx 670 is your best choice-

    if it's $500 then evga gtx 680.performance-

    if it's over $500 aka no limits! then gtx 690

    but here's a really good deal,evga gtx 480,it's a very powerful card and for $250 it's a steal!!here are the benchmarks-

    but there are also some downsides,heat and power consumption are the two main concerns otherwise the card is good.
  14. 2 480's?
  15. amuffin said:
    2 480's?

    yeah 480 SLi for $500 is a good deal!
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