Intel Core i5 3550 or Intel Core i5 3570 with GeForce GTX 660

i´m buying a new PC and i dont really know what to get, what to combine.
i´d would be needing it for architecture (autocad, archicad, 3ds max, modeling, rendering...), so i need it to be powerful and fast and also for multiplayer games (cod, bf,..).

i am deciding between Intel Core i5 3550 and Intel Core i5 3570, but i dont know what will suit best with Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB, PCI-E and INTEL motherboard iZ77 (or INTEL Main Board Desktop iH77).
or if you have any other suggestions?
would really appriciate any help i can get
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  1. Get the 3570K make sure there is a K at the end because it is overclockable as long as you have a Z77 chipset which you have, get that one. There both good but overclocking is better in the future.
  2. Definitely the 3570k or even better i5 2500k for the same price.
  3. whats the difference between 3570 and 3570K?...i dont see any when i look at the specifications
  4. only the OC or anything else?

    ...thank you guys
  5. Its only the fact you can OC if your needing it for architecture then you WILL want to overclock.K= OC-able.
  6. +1 for the 3570k (only around £30 more than the non K from what have seen around at the moment). even a modest 4ghz OC (very easy to do) will give you quite a large amount of headroom over a 3570.
  7. ZephyrBit said:
    Definitely the 3570k or even better i5 2500k for the same price.

    Kinda see what you are saying, but at the same time, you have to look at the fact that even if you can get a 4.8ghz OC with the 2500k, it would only be worth around 4.4ghz on the 3570k. (generally, overclocks between the two have an offset of around 400mhz due to newer technology etc) plus, it doesnt seem as if the OP it a massive overclocking enthusiast, so it is doubtful that they will spend the time pushing the 2500k to it's limits, better to get a 3570 with a £30 fan and crack on with a simple 4.0-4.4 OC. End of the line has got to be this: why buy old when buying new parts?
  8. ZephyrBit said:
    Definitely the 3570k or even better i5 2500k for the same price.

    I've seen performance tests where this has been completely proven false.

    Simply put, the 3570k is newer tech. It might not OC as high (as easily), but it still performs better.
  9. If you really put AMD aside, I think 3570K is your best choice with Z77 if you want to overclock, but if you dont want it, I think it's better for you to choose i5-3450 with that h77 board :)
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