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I'm looking for a graphics card to play BF3 at the highest settings. So far I am going with the EVGA GTX 550 ti, but was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. I've been looking at the radeon 6770, but it seems to be all over the place when compared to the 550, as in some games it perfoms better, other it does not. Don't ask about the power supply because you will all complain saying I need a better one. It can handle the 550 ti, so it should handle everything else within the same price range.
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  1. I would stick with the 550 Ti :) it's a great card for the price and I don't think there are any cheaper cards that can outperform/bring close performance.
    I would've suggested the HD6850, but unfortunately the sales for it on newegg are now gone.
  2. I will suggest to use ATI RADEON HD 6750 1GB DDR5 graphics card.
    I am using for 4 months and played all the latest games on high settings and also BF3.

    Works awesome and i loved this card.

    It's also a budget graphics card.
  3. You did not mention resolution. At 1080p a 550ti will not give good performance on high settings. Neither will a GTX 560. In fact, my GTX 560 plays on ultra smoothly at 1280x1024. I mean smoothly as in 30 fps minimum and 55 maximum. For anything higher than that resolution, you'll need to lower the settings or buy a more powerful GPU.

    For 1080p a GTX 570 is ideal. They go for around $300 on newegg now, but there are cheaper variants:
  4. Unless you enjoy playing with 5fps, a 550 Ti will not play BF3 on the highest settings.

    What resolution will you be playing at?
  5. On 1920x1200 resolution a hd 6950 2gb gives a 40 + fps. When there is 4xMSAA then it gives 32.4 fps.

    radeon hd 6950 isn't bad either. But if the price difference between hd 6950 and gtx 570 is low u should get the gtx 570
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