Good ATA RAID 0 card?

Hey everyone:
I was interested in getting an ATA/100 RAID card and was wondering which one was the best. I just want to do RAID 0 and spend about $100USD. I saw Promise and Adaptec, but wasn't sure which was the best? Or is there another better than those two? Thanks!

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  1. Promise would be better than Adaptec, and it's better than the ones with HighPoint chips.

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  2. yep, i would have to agree there. Promise is the better in the fact that it has better features.
    Eg. Promise - you have a 20gb and a 30gb. you can raid0 and have another 10 drive
    Highpoint - in the same scenario, that 10gb would be as good as a gun without bullets.
  3. I have IWill's ATA100 RAID card, and an totally pleased with it. Though I would definitely have opted for Promise had I not gotten this one. I have a Promise ATA100 controller (not RAID) on my Asus A7V. It has worked very well for me.
  4. I found the Promise FastTrack100 TX2 for 75.00 on Great company to deal with too.
    Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I was leaning towards the Promise card but just needed a little more convincing. Thanks again!
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