Is this ok?

Gigabyte GTX 670
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z (is this excessive? I plan to do a 6 core i7 and sli 680 when I get the money.)
ZALMAN CNPS12X (Will this cool good enough?)
Seagate ST1500DL003 1.5 TB (is this meant for gaming or just a storage drive?)
Corsair TX850 v2 power supply (Will this be enough for sli 680?)
Antec DF-85 case
corsair vengeance 16gb 1600 dual channel ram

My budget for this is $1770. This build so far is costing $1626

EDIT: Forgot to put an os, am getting win 7 home premium. Now I have to get $40 off this computer. Possibly a cheaper MOBO?

I already have mouse, keyboard, and monitor covered. Are there any cables I have to get for this? Where is a good guide for putting it together.
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  1. good build but-
    1-go with a 3570k/P8Z77 V-PRO setup.
    2-a newer cooler like Hyper 612 pwm would be my recommendation.
    3-1.5TB is good,i hope you are also adjusting a ssd for OS.
    4-850w is way overkill,a 750w will easily handle 680 SLi and overclocks.
    5-a cheaper case like 400r will get the job done well for less.FYI,DF-85 does not supports E-ATX boards like maximus iv extreme-z.
    6-16GB is big overkill for gaming,some editing and other daily stuff,8GB is more than enough.make sure it's a dual channel kit with 1600mhz and 1.5v rating.
    now it looks good.
    edit:a 670 beats a stock 680 with some overclocking for 100 bucks less,think about it!
  2. I would try to work an SSD into the budget (or get one later, since you are looking at future upgrades). Prices have been really dropping lately, so waiting isn't a bad idea, but I wouldn't build a machine without one these days.

    The HDD you chose isn't really that great of a deal, you should try to pickup a 7200RPM, if 1TB is sufficient, I would go for

    Personally, I don't see why you would not get a 680 now, and get the second later when you have the money (or simply SLI two 670s later if you can't afford the 680 now), seems more economically efficient.

    There is an open box model of the mobo you chose available:
    But keep in mind it really limits your return/warranty options.
    Personally, I've never spent more than 150$ on a mobo. I don't think there is much point unless you want an extreme overclock, you can probably get something for a lot less that still meets your needs.

    edit: Also, keep in mind that springing for an i7 later may be overkill for what you are doing (depending on what that is).
  3. i5-3570K
    Gigabyte GTX 670
    ASUS P8Z77-V PRO (Will this fit in the case?
    Seagate ST1500DL003 1.5 TB (not getting an ssd at the moment)
    LITE-ON DVD Burner
    Corsair TX750 v2
    Antec Eleven Hundred (its a mid tower. Just found out not enough space in room for full tower)
    corsair 16gb 1600 dual channel ram
    Windows 7 home premium

    The total now comes to $1554. Don't care about start up times so no ssd. So will all this fit into a mid tower?
  4. Western Digital WD10EALX Caviar Blue Hard Drive 1 TB getting this hard drive instead.
  5. yes your system will fit well into 1100.once again i would like to remind you that there is no use of 16GB if you are going to use it for gaming and general multitasking.
    samsung spinpoint F3 1TB is a better hard drive.
  6. jimmy_dog said:
    Western Digital WD10EALX Caviar Blue Hard Drive 1 TB getting this hard drive instead.

    Take a look at the newegg reviews on the WD Blue vs the Spinpoint. If you've got a brand preference, that's fine; just wanted to point out the Spinpoint has a lot stronger track record.
  7. ^wow! newegg reviews are almost usleless IMHO,better use a review site.
  8. hellfire24 said:
    ^wow! newegg reviews are almost usleless IMHO,better use a review site.

    Newegg reviews certainly aren't a perfect model, but where else can you get a sample size of 100s to 1000s of data points to look at. You certainly can get an idea when you see the Spinpoints receiving 80% 4-5 egg reviews and the blue drive getting 52% at 4-5 eggs.

    Maybe I'm naive, but I have never seen a review site that can give better statistical data on reliability.

    edit: Or maybe I wasn't very clear on how I look at the reviews? Certainly, looking at individual reviews is pretty pointless in many cases, and doesn't give you the whole picture for sure.
  9. i am not saying that newegg customer reviews are complete trash but in most of the cases,people make mistake themselves and blame the company for any problems.
    that's where a good review site is better,they always show you a complete image of the product with ups and downs.
  10. For the cooling, how many fans should I put? I can fit up to 6 120 mm and 1 200mm the coolermaster suggested by hellfire is a cpu fan, so I was thinking 6 turbine master 1.2 fans. How loud would this be?
    EDIT: Thinking about getting excaliburs, but its much cheaper to get sickleflows. Don't like LEDs, but I works better for my budget because its $60 less.
  11. Could I just use the stock cpu fan? I don't plan to overclock my processer.
  12. if you don't wanna overclock(but SLi) then i would suggest this cpu and motherboard-
    for good cooling you don't need to fill every fan spot.the case comes with a 200mm fan on top and a rear 120mm fan as exhaust.but there is not intake,for this problem,i would suggest adding a single 200mm megaflow fan at front.this configuration is more than enough.
    if you are not overclocking,stock heatsink is more than enough.
  13. It doesn't support a 200mm fan on the front, but you can put 2 120mm in the front. There are also room for 2 120mm intake fans next to the hard drives. The front intake fans take air in the goes into the hard drive bay area and the internal intake fans take air from the hard drive bay area and blow it into the main area with the motherboard. I only have 1 hard drive, So i wont need the internal fans. So I only need to buy 2 fans. Do I really need the cpu fan? The stock one seems fine because there is a lot of air going through the case already. The intake fans are 2000 rpm and are quite powerful. I could get excaliburs but they are $20 each vs $8 but have 86 CFM max vs 69 but are 10 decibels louder at 2000 rpm. The Scythe DFS123812-3000 are 3000 rpm and 133 cfm and are only $12 each but are 45 decibels. How loud would this be having 2 of them? Would this be 90 decibels having 2 of them? Thats way to loud.
  14. in almost every case,you can mount a 200mm fan instead on 2x 120mm fans.
    as i said,stock heatsink is fine if you are not overclocking.
  15. I decided to go with a 3930k which doesn't come with a stock cooler but since the clock speed is only 3.2 ghz I might want to overclock it to 3.4 GHZ. Since the 612 PWM fits nicely into my buget already, and a v6 gt is less then that on newegg, would a v6 gt cool well enough?
  16. ^hyper 612 pwm>v6 gt.
    one more thing,you need a x79 board for 3930k and quad channel ram.
  17. hellfire24 said:
    ^hyper 612 pwm>v6 gt.
    one more thing,you need a x79 board for 3930k and quad channel ram.

    isn't the v6gt better? It can do 10 more cfm max and it is pwm also. The max rpm is 200 rpm more. I heard it was really hard to mount but i saw other fans that looked pretty good
    ZALMAN CNPS10X Extreme
    Noctua NH-U12P SE2 (2 fans)
    Are these better than the v6? Which of the 2 is better? I heard the noctua is also really quiet.
  18. Best answer
    ^no,hyper 612 pwm is better cooler-

    EDIT: hyper 612 is a better performer than CNPS10X Extreme and noctua fans are ugly IMO,hyper gives you both good looks and excellent performance.
  19. Best answer selected by jimmy_dog.
  20. ok then ill go with hyper thx
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