What is the worst that canhappen if IPC Game and mycomputer overheats?

Hello everyone. Well, I love PC Gaming and I play my computer games from the moment I get home from school to the time I go to bed. A few 1 hour breaks here and there of course. Anyways, I installed about 3 fans about 2 months ago because I was having a problem with overheating. After say playing Skyrim for a long duration of time only 3 hours straight my computer would shut down at the time. It would overheat, but every game was a little different. When I installed those 3 fans my computer no longer would overheat. It stayed at a steady 37 C degrees when in game. Now, one of my fans burned out. I don't know when but it must have been within the past few days because it used to blow air on my leg and I constantly look down at my case to look at the temps and feel my fans. So I got Max Payne 3 and War of the Roses this past weekend on those Steam Thanksgiving Sales. Now that the fan is burned out, I see my temps go up to 60 C when I was playing Max Payne 3 and War of the Roses, they never have been that high since I fixed the problem. Obviously, the temps went so high because one of the fans burnt out. I ordered some new fans online, but the earliest ETA is Friday, and the latest is December 6. I really want to play Max Payne 3, I have been playing it on and off for 10 minutes because I don't want to damage this computer. I have also been playing older games such as; Day of Defeat, Half Life, Team Fortress Classic, and Unreal Tournament 2004. My temps stay at around 45 C when I play these old games. They are lower than when compared to Max Payne 3 and War of the Roses obviously. Can I do any harm by playing Max Payne 3 and War of the Roses even though that fan burnt out? Is it a good idea or should I just stick to playing the old games until the fans I ordered come in? Thanks in advance.
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  1. if it is a hard shut down, it could corrupt your hard drive/ssd.
  2. You should hear your motherboard beep if your CPU is overheating to the point where it's going to cause permanent damage, but 60 C on full load is not really anything to worry about.
  3. A modern CPU wont fry itself it will shut off
  4. Worst case? Damage to overheating components.

    Usual case? Blue screen or self-power off, both of which remove load and heat from the CPU and GPU before it sustains damage.
  5. blue screen, power off, or if you're unlucky ur cpu and everything else could burn/get fried
  6. Where's that video where they run a processor without a heatsink and it jumps out of the socket at 200 degrees? :)
  7. Ok, everyone thanks for the replies. Since 60 C at full load isn't bad, what temp should would be then?
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