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I've been reading THG for many years now, and I come here before making any hardware purchases to check things out. I find myself with a problem now, my 10,000 RPM IBM HDD is running hot, and THG has no reviews or information on HDD cooling systems.

I've searched around on the web and seen a lot of different products, ranging from simple heatsinks to heatsinks/fans/led combos that cost $60. Just wondering if anyone knows of a good HDD cooling system, and where a good place to purchase one online is.
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  1. I'm happy with the stuff from my local store:

    1- cheap no-brand plastic
    ENR-001 Multi-Function Driver Rack
    (Can be set for following products:
    A-for 1 HDD and 1 to 6 pcs 40mm generic FAN;
    B-for 1 HDD and 1 or 2 pcs 80mm generic FAN).

    2- helix-shape bracket-mounted
    Canon SF70-T3S1D DC12V 0.3A
    server fan for harddrives
    from Canon Precision Inc. Made in Japan
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