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Dell U3011 skyrim card?

Hello Toms Hardware!
What are your opinions on the following build and particularly the video card options?

Currently have:
Dell U3011

New build:
ASUS Maximus V Gene
Crucial M4 CT256M4SSD2
G.SKILL 16GB DDR3 1866

Can't decide on video card because the 2600X1600 resolution needs more ram..

I'm eyeing:
MSI N560GTX-Ti GTX 560 Ti (2GB) $269

Or do I have to move up to the:
EVGA GeForce GTX 570 2560MB $339

Any other suggestions?

Lets use Skyrim as my ideal gaming experience
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    the gtx 670 is the best bang for the buck right now. $399 in stock at newegg. You will be able to run at Ultra graphics setting at @ 60fps= Gorgeous!,3200-7.html
  2. The build is at $850 and we're going to jump up to $1250.. you're a bad influence!

    What about the stuttering they're talking about in the reviews?
    The 4 newegg cards
  3. hehe sorry. But actually the 670 is just $60 more than your 570. But you will have eye drooling graphics on the U3011. I have a EVGA gtx 670 and 680. They have been the smoothest GPUs Ive ever run with Adaptive Vsync. I believe the stuttering where with certain PC configurations(dont know which one). Nvidia just received a new driver and some of those configurations where fixed. WOW! And ur game Skyrim just got a 20% performance bump, Nice!
  4. an hd 7850 will be the best choice for the price under $250 its an very nice overclocker get it and overclock it using the msi afterburn and then u will get better performance then gtx 570 in less price.:)

    get the sapphire overclocked one its best one in the hd 7850 range in the market now.:)

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  6. Thanks guys, now I'm sold on the 670
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