Is this build will be beast?

cpu- i7 3770k
cpu cooler -h100 corsair
mobo- sabertooh z77
gpu- gtx 680 2gb evga
psu- tx75 v2 corsair
hdd- western cavier black 1tb
samsung 830 s128gb
xonar stx sound card
ram- corsair 16gb 1600mhz
case corsair 600t
samsung s27a950d monitor

is this build will be beast?

thanks -laurs:)

just dont want to do mistakes

is this good build or no?
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  1. That is indeed a beast machine.
  2. can i make it better?
  3. performance wise, it's a beast. if you had extra money i'd go for a bigger SSD. other than that, I wouldn't change a thing
  4. thanks man you just did my final choice
  5. wich site is best to buy from? newegg, from wich site i can get good components, not does who die in one week
  6. newegg has more standard than others.
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