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5 beep code issue

Hey everybody, I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I built this computer for a friend. It is running a

Intel Core i3 2100
ASRock H77 Pro4-M
8 GB of Corsair XMS3 RAM
500 GB Western Digital HDD
Asus Optical Drive
Ultra 500 Watt modular PSU
Sapphire Radeon HD5450 1GB of DDR3

Truly the computer works fine except for a few weird issues.

1) The onboard video ports, (VGA and DVI, and HDMI) do not work. This is not a major big deal because he is going to use a graphics card.

I got graphics card because he is going to hook this up to his 32 inch tv.

But this is the real issue. Whenever I plug an HDMI cable into the graphics card and then plug it into a tv, I get a 5 beep, beep code. But when I plug a dvi (from the graphics card) into a monitor, I don't get any beep codes. But this is the weird part, the computer will still boot, and function just fine, video and all, even after I get the five beep codes. There is a slight delay in the computer boot time, but only like 4 seconds, then the computer boots up and works fine. Watch youtube videos, listen to music, type word documents, everything works great. I just don't know why I get those 5 beeps when I turn it on. Any ideas, anyone. Please???

I really don't want to just unplug the speaker, and leave be. He payed good money for the stuff, and I want it to work right. I don't want to get a call a week down the road and find out that the computer won't work at all and find out that the motherboard is dead. (Truly that is what I believe it might, be just based on the fact that the on board video does not work at all). I am just at my wits end. Between work, finals and finishing up this semester, and this computer, I am loosing my hair, and what is left is turning grey, please help thanks.
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    No one has a solution yet. Its a know issue with that board. I first read about on avsforums.
    5 beeps is video not detected.
    In the bios, see if disabling igpu solves the problem.
  2. Alright I will give it a try. Figures I buy a piece of crap board. If this does not fix it, do you reccomend that I RMA it for another board, seeing as the onboard video ports don't seem to work right know?? I am tempted to, just afraid I will get a worse board in return.
  3. The boards not crap, its just beeps alot. LOL
    If you want, you could get a dvi to hdmi adapter. I dont think that will beep but I'm not positive.
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