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Hello, I'm new to building PC's. My case the NZXT Phantom 410 came with a fan controller that uses a 3 pin molex connector. I'm not sure how to hook it up.
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  1. Yay, I miss took it for a 3 Pin when its really a 4 Pin.

    The first one on the left, the biggest one.
  2. Connect the 4 pin molex with your PSU and the fans connect to the 3 pin molex.
  3. Once again, I have never seen a "3 pin" molex... molex connectors are only 4 pins... If it is a molex connector it MUST be pluged into the PSU rails.
  4. I have the same case. There are 3pin and 4 pin molex. The fan controller recives power trough the "4pin" allmost standar molex, but the power to the fans are provided trough the 3pin female connectiors. Anyone know how i am supoust to connect the positive(red) and the negative(black) wire from the fan?
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