Discount on ATCS 840 vs storm trooper/stryker/CM 690IIadvanced

Hi! I can buy new (but out of production) Cooler Master ATCS 840 (its huge, aluminium, and OLD) PC case. It costs me as a bit less than storm trooper and storm stryker in Poland ~117,88 GBP / 145,53 EUR / 188,70 USD

It looks elegant and solid, it comes with 3x230mm fans, and luckily no diods!

It is quite old, but i can buy it brand new. I like the idea, will I be good with the air circulation in that PC case with for now only ATX motherboard? And could so big case lead to any problems with too-short cables from components I buy? I suppose I could buy cheap another ones? :) Please drop me few opinions guys, help very appreciated, take care!
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  1. sorry for double post
  2. here is short review but done few years ago so many other cases were made better ;D
  3. I can buy storm stryker for 8 pounds more than this atcs. Guys, any help?
  4. what is wrong with this topic so no-one replies?
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