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I am using my ATI radeon HD 6750 ddr5 graphics card from 3months with my frontech 400watt psu.

Pls tell me that is this psu ok or i have to change my psu?
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  1. Any psu recommended for this card.???
  2. AMD list a 450W as a minimum requirement. For these 3 months, have you had any artifacts of shut-downs? Also, how many amps do you have on the +12V rail? (you can check that by opening the case, the PSU has a label on the side)
  3. No shut downs.
  4. Do you play a lot of demanding games, or just surf the net/watch movies?
  5. No i play fifa12 almost 3hrs per day and also surf net.
  6. Fifa 12 is enough to make your PC crash if the PSU is weak. Looks like it's holding up. Can you still post the PSU specs or at least the model?
  7. Ok wait.
  8. yes its model number is:
    Frontech 2414 SMPS P4 450WATTS (FT)
  9. waiting for your reply.
  10. OK, so what you have there is a 450W PSU. I couldn't find exact specs for it, but if it's held its ground for three months it should be fine. However, it's a cheapo PSU. To be absolutely sure you'll need 500W and more, but those cost $50-70 (rs. 3000-4000). It's not that much and if you can spend $60 on this for example:

    then you'll be sure you won't have to spend $150 later for a new GPU.
  11. pls see that my psu is there in
    Pls check it and reply me.
  12. waiting?
  13. Yes, that is where I checked. Some other sites also. And I wrote what info I got from them. Do you have a set budget? Can you spend any money at all right now?
  14. Not now but can invest in 2-3months.
  15. is that ok? is that continue more 3months?
  16. Yes, do that. If you are going to only play fifa, you won't need a more powerful GPU, so now you only need to worry about the PSU to support it.

    As I said, it's doing very well so far since you haven't had any shut-downs or artifacts. No need to cahnge it now. But if you see any of the symptoms of a failing PSU- overheating, shut-downs or artifacts, change it immediately! Do not wait as it will damage your GPU.
  17. i have also played bf3, assasins creed revelation. In the games sometimes it happens that they all get still. means not moving, after 1or2 minutes again it works.

    Is this the symptom.?
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    No, that means that your CPU/GPU can't process everything that's going on right at that moment. Lowering the settings will fix that, no need to worry.
  19. Ok. and do you have a facebook account?
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  21. Nah, I don't like facebook. Why?
  22. reply?
  23. No, just wanna be your friend
  24. By the way where do you live?
  25. Bulgaria. But I don't want to give out personal info on the internet. It's kind of a personal policy of mine. Sorry :/
  26. Ok, i am from india. Nice to talk with you and thanks for your support.
  27. No problem, I'm always glad to help.
  28. Can i run nfs run on my pc?
  29. It has the same requirements as BF3, so a bit lower settings should do it.
  30. I have amd phenom x2 560black edition. 4gb ddr3 ram, and that graphics card.
  31. Yup, that confirms it.
  32. Thank u.
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