AMD with crossfire or Intel with single?

im thinking about going AMD with crossfire GTX 660's or intel with i5-3570k and single GTX 660 which would be better for gaming?
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  1. By the sounds of it your probably going to buy a real cheap AMD processor to compensate for dual 660's which is probably going to result in bottleneck. Anyways state the AMD processor your planning on using. I myself am leaning towards the 3570k and 660, processor is important as well.
  2. Phenom II x4 965 BE is the one i was planning on and actually i changed my mind its gonna be 560 ti SLI
  3. Just buy a single one with the i5-3570k, or a i5-3470 + 660 gtx ti/670 gtx/7970.
    Oh and with two 660 gtx its called sli setup they're from nvidia not a crossfire setup(amd).
    Two 560 ti sli will offer poor value for the money nowadays, the 660 ti gtx performs the same as that setup with less troubles and power consumption.
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