Grahics card not working

hi everyone.. friends suggested to me to reformat my laptop. i dont have a clue when it comes to computers so i did. i installed windows 7 fine. everything looked like it was running smooth. until i checked that my display adaptors have come up with "standard vga graphics", or something like that. i cant play any games. i dont know how to get my original display adaptors back.

could anyone please help!?
thank you :)
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  1. You need to install graphics card drivers.

    Not sure which graphics you have (you didn't tell us), so I'll post all three possible websites:
    Nvidia GeForce:
    AMD Radeon:
    Intel HD:
  2. most pre built pc have a restore cd or a restore partion to put the factory image back onto there hardware. when you nuke and pave your going to have to go to the vendor web page and download all of the drivers there.
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