Any problems with crossfiring hd7850?

Im thinking of buying another 7850 or, alternatively should I sell my 7850 and buy and better single graphics card such as a 7870 etc. My motherboard is a gigabyte Z68XP-D3 and I think I have around a 720 Watt power supply.
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    if u sell that card and you will buy an hd 7870 so that will not be an upgrade because there is not a big difference between hd 7850 and hd 7870.

    if u get second hd 7850 it will be an good move you will get a very good performance.:)

    if u think of selling that card then get a gtx 670 which will said to be an upgrade and there will be no issues with drivers if u will use older driver which is working with your card perfectly then u will have no problems.:)goodluck.:)
  2. I think there suppose to be no problem at all.
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