[Solved] Need a diagram for the CPU cable from a Corsair 1200i PSU

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm in the middle of single sleeving every cable on my PSU. Obviously, i sketched up a quick diagram of my psu cable connections on the back. Being an idiot, I disconnected them all and didn't mark them with the correct number.... so does anyone have the Corsair 1200i AX PSU and mind checking the cable connection placements please? ><"
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  1. I just figured it out actually. Ive been putzing with it. It took 3 tries to get it, but I believe my CPU cable is corded correctly. I plugged it in the first time, and it tripped my PSU out. So after testing it out on both my PSU and my PSU Tester, i believe i have it.

    Heres how each one is configured via number

    1234 >> 1256
    5678 >> 3478

    and this is how they plug in.

    1>1, 2 >2, 3>5, 6>4, 5>3, 6>4,7>7, 8>8

    Thanks for the reply though dude
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