How do you measure how much electricity your computer is using?

Hello guys,

I want to find out how much electricity my computer uses so I can see how much it costs for my computer to run.
I'm not sure how to do this so I'm asking for help on how to do this.
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  1. Buy a Killawatt from your local hardware/electrical shop, that will tell you what the Pc is pulling from the wall,
  2. or if in the uk see if your electricity supplier is giving away a free wireless electricity monitor

    i got one for free from EDF

    lets you monitor what everything is using not just your pc
  3. If you ran a computer 8 hours a day and it used 500 watts (average per hour) it would cost about $182.625.
    (Which is 50 cents per day, and this is a worst case scenario for most machines).

    This assumes about 1461 kilowatt hours per year at 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour.

    Most modern computers only use about 180 to 360 watts under heavy compute loads, so expect it to cost less, even if your electricity does cost +25% more than ours.

    Note: In Western Australia energy is 13.94c per kW/hour.

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