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  1. The motherboard says it is compatible with dual-core pentium which the CPU is, plus the socket is the same, so it looks like it should work. Its an older socket type that you cannot upgrade easily now days unlike socket 1155 or 2011 but it should work.
    Hope this helps :)
  2. Okay, many thank yous!
    Yeah I don't got the moneys for the new toys, got $100 to build a computer, thankfully I have an old emachine and a couple other parts to work from :D.

    Any suggestions on RAM, and stuff too would be great.

    Not to mention, it's my first build.

    Basically, I need all the help I can get :D.
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    it's compatible. But I think it's better if you can find Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo CPUs. I think you can find it in your price range :)

    $100 for cpu & motherboard?
  4. Ok, well, being an older socket, again, you won't get brilliant performance and you'll want DDR2 RAM max of 800MHz (according to newegg here )
    Having said that, after some google searches, you most often get DDR2 SODIMM which is not right, it won't fit. You'll need DDR2 SDRAM for the desktop motherboard. Newegg, again have an example here.

    You still have 16x slot for graphics card (unless you use the integrated graphics). I'm not sure how it would go running graphics as most higher-end graphics may bottle-beck through your CPU. As for integrated, it would be good for if this is to be a work/internet computer. It may run some old games, again, I don't really know.

    Storage wise, anything should go so long as you get SATA connections and nothing above I think 2TB.

    Hope some of this helps :)
  5. Okay, thanks for the help, it is very much appreciated. I don't think I have to worry about high-end graphics, not with my budget, mid-level is probably the most I'll get

    @chanelight $100 for Mobo, RAM, heatsink+ heatsink bracket, CPU and whatever else I may need to fill in any gaps, it ain't much but I think it might work... maybe

    I found another processor, it has less speed in terms of ghz, but since your telling me the Pentium D is junk, maybe this one will go faster? This is a Pentium dual core, which I found out is different than a Pentium D, but I'm sure this one will fit because I found it on a compatible list for the motherboard, do you think this is a better buy?
  6. What are you going to do on the PC?
  7. jay_nar2012 said:
    What are you going to do on the PC?

    I'm going to make 3D models, and maybe play a game or two, I have another computer I can use to render, so I just need something that will support some sort of graphics card of one sort or another, this Intel GMA 950 integrated stinks, and my current computer only has low-profile PCI slots, so I'm mainly building it for the capability to hold a half normal graphics card.

    BTW I have a 300Watt power supply sitting here, is that enough?
  8. You can buy low profile graphics cards -

    A 300W PSU will be adequate.

    What is your current CPU?
  9. jay_nar2012 said:
    You can buy low profile graphics cards -

    A 300W PSU will be adequate.

    What is your current CPU?

    Okay, thanks!

    It's a 2.8 ghz Pentium D

    Most the low profile cards are pci-e, and the ones that fit in PCI slots don't look too good.
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