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Are my volts normal?

are my volts normal? these numbers i got from bios. is my 5v too low?

cpu vcore 1.400v
3.3v 3.296v
5v 5.107v
12v 12.096v

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  1. for some reason h/w monitor shows different results anybody know why?
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    Well go in bios and check them there. Hw monitor would be better than this software.

    Personally i use it and shows them same as in bios.
  3. They are well within the ranges tolerated for the 12v,5v,and 3.3v.
    If it dipped lower than 12v,5v,or 3.3 then i would be concerned but your ok with them values.
    Dont forget that the power saving mode for the Cpu down clocks the cpu speed and voltage when not in high demand, to keep things cool also.
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