Would This Be Bottlenecked?

I wonna buy one of em 7970's. Would me 8120 @3.3GHz bottleneck one of em?
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  1. Actually it will bottleneck cpu intensive games but not to a very large extent
  2. I would OC it to make sure you're getting the best performance.
  3. Also why are you getting the 8120? get the 8320 instead which is much better than the 8120 and will greatly reduce chances of bottlenecks.
  4. just get a 8320 and overclock it a littlebit and u will be fine
  5. get an i5, or i3, or get an 8320, the i3 and 8320 will need some overclocking. the 8120 oc'd big time will still bottleneck a good bit, but only on cpu intensive. otherwise you should be fine.
  6. This is my current system I'm upgrading.
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