Is this graphics card compatible with my system?

i have this ages old system
and i want to upgrade it with a graphics to play games such as NFS MW, GTA 4, COD casually, it supports a resolution of 1280 x 1024, i want games to run at this resolution smoothly, i will buy a new notebook so dont wna to spend too much on a graphic card, after reading certain reviews i think this will handle my needs,
i have Pentium 4 at 2.93Ghz and 1.5GB Ram (DDR1). So please suggest me if this graphic card can be attached in my system and also if slight overclocking (processor as well as graphic card)can be done with stock cabinet.
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  1. i would suggest getting an amd 7750 but after looking closely at your HP specs it only has two PCI slots avaliable. no pcie so you can't upgrade
  2. Even if you could upgrade is certainly wouldn't be worth doing as your Pentium 4 will bottleneck any graphics card worth having (single core with only 1MB of Cache).

    If you want to game, get a console or save up for a new desktop PC build
  3. No it will not work, your computer only has PCI slots. The video card is PCI-Express a different type of slot.

    And 99% of prebuilt computers will not let you overclock the CPU at all.
  4. Ok, i realised that, either will build a mid range gaming rig from scratch or will cahnge evything inside my cpu. I guess new pc would be better, thanks for the help.
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