Just Cause 2 with AMD HD 3000?

Hey, just wondering if Just Cause 2 (which is DX10-11 game) will work with my IGP (i'm not sure if it supports DX10)

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  1. AMD's HD3000 series integrated graphics processors support Direct X 10.1, so it will run the game, although performance will be lacking.
  2. One more question: If it supports Direct X 10.1 then why am i not able to run BF3 (says my GPU does not support Direct X 10 and that i need at least DX 11 to run it - only nVidia GPUs can run it with DX10) ?

  3. Its too weak to run battlefield 3.
  4. Alright that's all i needed,

  5. One more thing: I've suffered some very serious texture problems in games lately, is it a driver problem? I downloaded the 12.4 (i think) drivers from steam and they don't help
  6. What do you mean by "texture problems"? Could you take a screenshot for us?
  7. I don't know why but on the screenshots it doesn't show them, but well...
    It looks like if a piece of smth (for example: face, wall, logo) has been cut out...
  8. If it shows OK on the screenshot, it might be a faulty cable.
  9. I'd also check the temps with HWMonitor, it may be artifacting due to overheating
  10. Well, i figured out: it was the driver problem, but thanks for other help
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