Short circuited graphics card. GTX480

my GTX 480 shortcircuits when I connect the 8-pin power connector. I've removed the cooler and measured the resistance of the pins. Here are my results:
The red connection gives me close to an infinite resistance. The yellow connections has a resistance of between 10000-80000 ohms and the green connection has almost no resistance. I've also measured the resistance between the cooling "rails" and the pin, but I get an infinite resistance there.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? I've considered baking it in the oven, but i feel that mostly fixes no connection between two solder points rather than a short circuit.

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  1. Hi

    Is the card still under warranty?
  2. Unfortunately, no.
  3. Hmm im in the process of fixing my gtx 570. VR failure so far Ive removed all high side mosfets and will be replacing them tonight. If you are able you could try removing or lifting the inductors on the VR section and see if it still shorts. If it does its probably not the GPU itself and would probably still be fixable. Vr section is somewhat simple to fix since the mosfets are what normally dies.
  4. Sorry, about the slow reply, I had to google some before I understood what you meant.
    However, are the gray ones in this picture the inductors?
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