Can't decide on GT 430 vs G 520


Let me explain myself. I recently got an answer a few weeks ago and decided on getting a GT 430. That was after deciding to upgrade my 250W PSU to this 300W PSU. Now after some more research I read how the GT 520 uses less power and is newer than the GT 430, but lacking in other areas as stated here:

I'm only in the department for low profile to accompany my upcoming brand new 300W PSU, but regardless I have one side question about this PSU:

It doesn't state the amps, knowing that the GT 430 requires 22A. I checked an identical PSU with specs:

Which of these should I go for that includes the kind of wires/connections I would need? Sorry, I'm not that knowledgeable in terms of the connections needed when adding a video card.

So no for my main question.Which, between these two cards is the best in terms of casual gaming? i.e. Online MMORPGs(S4 League/Dragon Nest/NFS World) in terms of FPS. Despite getting a brand new 300W PSU should I got for the GT 520 for it's low power as a precaution?

I will appreciate any thoughtful wisdom you can share!
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  1. Thanks ct,

    if anyone can second this it would really help finalize my decision =)
  2. monu_08 said:

    I read several reviews and there have been people who have a Dell 530s with 250W PSU saying it runs fine, despite reading it needs minimum 400W. My current 250W PSU is around 4 years old so should I still spend $50 on a SeaSonic TFX 300W PSU?
    Also about it being a GDDR5, is there any concern for that knowing a lot of other cards are usually DDR3?
  3. GT430 may perform better bt still go for GT520...its a newer version with directx11 supported.
    just go for GT520 and yes upgrade ur PSU first, I can gurantee u ur 250W PSU will not run niether GT430 or GT520.....
    Thank You and Good Luck !!
  4. I appreciate all the input. I have one question about the GT 520. Despite being newer, how come it is ranked lower/has certain lower attributes compared to the GT 430. I'm looking at the hierarchy chart and the GT 520 is ranked below 7600 GT, which I think is what I need for decent quality on one of the games I play often:

    So I was only considering the GT 520 because it uses less power, but since I'm getting a 300W psu I would really like the GT 430. The HD 6670 is much more expensive, so unless I can get some more money, only then would I consider that since it is ranked pretty high.
  5. ct1615 said:
    the GT520 may be newer but it's not a gaming card. it's a multimedia card for multi -monitors, old games, games based on flash, video editing and streaming video.

    the GT430 is more of a basic gaming card. it may be a year older but the GPU chip is more powerful and it was designed to do everything the GT520 does plus offer the ability to do some basic modern gaming at lower level & resolutions.

    This makes a lot more sense, the GT 430 is almost half the cost of the HD6670 and I think the GT 430 is around the same level, if not a little higher, as the 7600 minimum specs for the games I'm playing. Thanks for helping finalize my decision everyone.
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