New build, future proof gaming pc? ish.

Ok, so i have a fairly decent gaming pc now, but it was built on a budget. Ive saved up a good amount of cash and want to build a new system thats a little more future proofed. ie. ivy bridge, pci e 3.0.

NZXT phantom ATX full tower case.

ASUS sabertooth z77 LGA 1155 mobo

sapphire hd 6950 ( i already have one in my current pc so i plan on using them in crossfire.)

corsair 1050 watt psu

i7 3770k ivybridge cpu

crucial M4 SSD(for OS, i already have a terabyte HDD, and i dont feel like downloading 400+ gb of steam games and programs agian)

G.skill ddr3 1866 ram 4x 4gb

So, do you think this will be a pretty future proof machine? And, just in case ive made a mistake, its all going to be compatible correct? i know i have pci e 2.0 cards but i understand that they are backwards compatable.. i think.

thanks in advance!!
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  1. Well, all of that is fine, technically. It's a good build. But.......

    You're overspending on overkill stuff in that PC and not spending money where it makes sense. Here's what I mean:

    1. Don't get the i7 for gaming. Totally unnecessary. Get the i5 3570k - it's great performance and a lower price. You won't bottleneck any games in the near future with that, and it's unlocked so you can overclock it if needed.
    2. Invest in an aftermarket CPU cooler. I like the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO. This will give you better thermal performance now and let you overclock in the future.
    3. 16GB RAM is a waste on gaming. 8 GB is more than enough. Get 2x4gb and save the money - if you find that you really need more, you'll be able to add it later.
    4. Speaking of RAM, there's no performance difference between 1333, 1600, and 1866 RAM, or none that you'll notice. Split the difference if it makes you more comfortable and get 1600.
    5. Invest in a bigger SSD. They fill up fast. The 128GB M4 is around $35-$45 more expensive than what you've got.
    6. Invest in a new graphics card. A single GTX 670 will be better than the ones you'll have, and if you need more performance in the future you can just add a second 670. EVGA makes good ones, but I hear that the Gigabyte version with three fans is the best 670 (I don't have one so haven't done a lot of research on it).

    Follow that advice and you'll have a PC that is more future-proof than what you've got (bigger SSD, a single powerful GPU that can be SLI'd in the future, 2 free RAM slots) and probably will also be cheaper.

    ETA: Yes that's all compatible.
  2. thanks, i was planning on scrapping the extra 8 gigs of ram, so im glad you brought that up. and i already have a hyper 212, my current cpu is OC'd to 3.6 ghz.. lol

    And, i was going to sell my current rig to my friend, ill probably just leave him the 6950 and get a gtx.. maybe even sli. (seeing how i was going to spend to much anyways) lol
    thanks again man.
  3. The best 670 is the zotac GTX 670 AMP! edition. It is $70 more then the gigabyte version. However, the gigabyte version is best for overclocking.
  4. thanks for the replies. I went ahead and ordered 8 gigs of 1600 ddr3, i figure it will help to get slower ram in the long run anyways, since the Mobo i got allows 2800mhz for OCing.
    And i wont have to worry about the RAM running faster than the board supports, because i plan on OC the i5 (btw i went with the i5) to around 4.4 to 4.6ghz anyways.
    Also, since I've been wanting to switch back to nvidia cards anyways, I got the gtx 670. probably end up getting a second one later. I got evga btw, I've had one, and everyone else seems to have no problems either.
  5. Love the NZXT Phantom btw, I have one myself.

    One thing you need to understand about future proofing is.. Theres no such thing with computers. The only parts that are truly future proof are the power supply, case, Optical drive and hard drives (to a degree). Everything else is yesterday's news in 4 years.

    As far as potentially getting another GTX 670. Honestly, by the time the GTX 670 isn't powerful enough to do the job, there will probably be a more powerful single card you could replace it with rather than adding a 2nd. To run 2 GTX 670s though, that power supply is overkill. You could save a bit and get a Corsair TX750v2, that will be sufficient, and half the price without sacrificing quality.
  6. what cpu fan did you get?
  7. get an hx750 or ax750 they are modular, meaning you can take the unnecessary cables out and not have them cluttering the case. hx and ax series are 80 plus gold vs 80 plus bronze. They are kinda pricey, buy you can save some money if you buy off newegg
  8. LOL, with a Case as big as a Phantom, I assure you the wire clutter isn't an issue. I have a bundle of cables at the bottom of my case, but only because I'm too lazy to hide em.
  9. I guess. But it is more efficient
  10. Yea, it does make less work, I was more concerned about the price, since modulars tend to cost more. Really though, If I took my time with it, the Phantom has awesome wire management.
  11. OP was planning to get a hx series anyway, so he might as well stick with it.
  12. jimmy_dog said:
    what cpu fan did you get?

    I didn't get one, i already have a coolermaster hyper 212.
    and i got an over kill psu on purpose. on my current pc i under cut my self like 3 times. and i dont want to run into that again. plus now i can run sli, with any card and if i decide to put my system underwater, or instal a 3rd card strictly for physX,i can; not likely but why not accommodate for it now?
  13. Don't watercool Its still as dangerous as it ever was, and less necessary for modern CPUs.

    You wouldn't be undercutting yourself with an sli configuration of 2 GTX 670s and an overclocked i5 with 750 watts, but get what you're comfortable with.
  14. with a 750 you can run 2 cards, but you would need a bigger power supply if running 3 cards.
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