Able to connect to wireless router but no internet access warning

i am able to connect to unsecured wireless networks but when i connect alll of them say no internet access i only notice a yellow warning sign beside those signal strength bars also and not on secured one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Does the little yellow signal say "limited or no connectivity" ?
    Usually that means that you too far from the source. How many signal strength bars does it show (like 2 out of 5)
  2. I hate to ask the question, but is the unsecured network yours? I have seen people set up unsecured networks for gaming and such that only offer local connections and do not have a default gateway or DNS set up for access to the internet. If you are jumping on a neighbor's wifi because it is open, they might have set up one like this.

    Not accusing, just asking the question. If it is your network and you can verify the gateway and DNS settings on it, then I would agree with Steimy and say check the signal strength or try resetting the wireless router and see what happens.
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