Niche Build - HTPC and storage box

Hi guys, just wanted some opinions on a build, I have specific needs though as I need the following from the build

> To serve as a HTPC - I need it to play full HD stuff butter smooth
> To serve as a net storage device so it will be allways on
> To serve as a decent PC for browsing / programs etc
> As it will be allways on I need low power consumption

I was looking at the AMD APUs so Im looking at this build

AMD A4-3400 2.70GHz APU
Bitfenix Prodegy Mini ITX Case
2 x 4gb Corsair 1333 ram
120 Corsair Force 3 SSD boot
Corsair Builder Series CX 430W PSU

I allready have windows and a 1tb seagate barracuda

Whats your thoughts? Would you make any changes?


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  1. SSD seems unnecessary for budget HTPC, and the more you cram in there the more power it will use and the hotter it will get.

    Also you could probably get away with 4 GB RAM. Maybe start with 1X4GB and upgrade with another stick if you feel like it will help?

    Finally, you might try an HTPC OS like Mythubuntu or XMBC. I would guess that these will run faster without all the Windows crap.
  2. I like the build. I wouldn't change anything except the RAM. Llano graphics really respond well to faster memory. Maybe swab your selection for some faster 1600 or 1866 sticks. I also agree that 4GB is more than enough for HTPC.
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