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Want to upgrade gtx 460 SLI x2

Hi I am currently running a i7 3.?hz
2x msi GTX 460 SLI x 2
Had 6g ram

Been getting error message saying I am running out of page memory.

Upgrade to 16g ram and wondering what graphics card I should upgrade to. Been looking at 550 and 560 TIs. Any recs? Budget around 300 usd
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  1. 7850 is around 250 usd i recommend that for your budget
  2. look here to see benchmarks and help you pick the best bang for your buck!
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    The 460 is much like the 560 non ti. 560 in a lot of ways just an OC 460. 560>550ti. Given that you have 460 in SLI I would bet that you would need a gtx 570/gtx 480/7850 or better to be worth the upgrade only b/c those cards have more gpu ram for max AA. Other wise, w/o AA, you are close to a gtx 580.

    I'd wait for a 670 or 660ti tho.
  4. page memory has nothing to do with ram -^. Its the virtual memory created on your HDD by windows. Usualy Windows sets the Pagefile to double the ammount of ram you have. But if somehow you have set your pagefile manualy then some programs might be "upset" that they dont have enaugh pagefile.
  5. Thanks a lot guys for your recs :) I think I am going to safely overclock those cards and wait until I upgrade my MB with new PCI slots. Thanks again...
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