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Hello TH.

I had originally designed an Intel gaming build with a budget of £700. However I didn't take into consideration getting a case, moniter, keyboard and mouse. I have also come under a recent lack of money (the job i thought i could get i now can't :( ) So my new build would be looking at somewhere below a £600 mark. The pc is intended to last for 5 years with as little upgrading as possible.

The main use of this computer will be to game at high settings. But also some word, web and video. Therefore i plan on getting a good GPU now, and when I start receiving money again intend to buy a second GPU and SLI/Crossfire. As I don't completely know what a good GPU for the money is, I will need suggestions on good ones.

Also as I am going for budget and saving where i can. Is it worth going for a AMD Phenom II x4 rather than the I5 2500K (overclocking minimally). Also if I am overclocking, will I have to get a cooling?

What makes a good PSU as well?

So basically:

Budget: £600
CPU: AMD phenom II or Intel I5?
GPU: Best in the budget?
PSU: ???
Mobo: obviously will change with choices.
SLI/Crossfire: later
Cooling: yes or no?
Overclocking: low amounts
RAM: 8GB DDR3 Ripjaws

Thanks for your assistance.........
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  1. Well this was my 600ish quid UK config off Ebuyer UK - at this price point go for the the best price/performance (single GPU) as the premium u have to pay for SLI/CF would spiral budget out of control :P
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